May 10, 2009

The Latest Project...

A few weeks ago, Mary Ann and I received an email from our musician-friend Microwave Dave Gallaher. He mentioned that Alabama Public Television was going to be airing a show called "Songs Inside the Box" on April 14th. The show would describe cigar box guitars, one of Dave's specialty instruments. We watched the show and really enjoyed it, although we didn't think it included enough time devoted to our friend Dave.

After the show, I got curious about these cigar box guitars (CBGs to afficianados) so I started my searches for information. Believe me, there's a huge amount of activity, creativity, and information available. I began searching eBay for cigar boxes. I'm now the proud owner of six prime guitar candidates -- Cohiba, Macanudo, Punch, Kristoff. After all, you've got to have just the "right" box for the job.

My first creation is well on its way. It will have three strings. I've completed the neck and all the fret work. I used a piece of cherry for the neck that's about thirty years old, nice and stable, and with luscious grain. After a little searching I was able to locate a gentleman, Bluesboy Jag, who sells handwound magnetic pickups for 3- and 4-string instruments. So this first attempt, which is already designated as Mary Ann's, will be a hot, electrified blues-generating machine!

I can't wait to get it finished...

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