Nov 27, 2010

Major Progress on the Taj-ma-dog!!

Today, my friend Monty Love came up to help me put the vinyl siding on the dog house. It's really starting to look good. After I took this picture, we put a doggy door in the entrance door that opens to the porch. The wiring is completely finished, which makes it convenient when we're using power tools. I hope to continue with the siding tomorrow...
And here's the result of Sunday's effort:

Great Holiday Snack Idea! (So simple, an engineer can make it!)

I made this turkey-cranberry roll-up snack for the gift shop on Friday and again today.  Mary Ann and I saw the idea on TV.  They are easy to make and delicious!  The recipe is here.  Enjoy...

Nov 12, 2010

Host of Christmas Past -- 2010

This weekend, Fayetteville again hosted its annual "Host of Christmas Past."  This is a street festival held on and around our courthouse square to promote shopping in Fayetteville.  We have lots of boutique shops.  Mary Ann is involved with Fayetteville Main Street, the organization that sponsors the event.  Even though we are not "on the square," Ebabe's Gifts has a good turnout on the day of the celebration.  The "Host" celebration includes music, drama, free movies in our art deco theater, and lots of food vendors.  It also includes yours truly as a Town Crier.  Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment: