Aug 14, 2010

Nice Car Show (In spite of the heat...)

I attended the 10th Annual Ardmore Car Show today.  That's Ardmore, Tennessee.  It's put on by the Ardmore Quarterback Club for the benefit of the local high school football team, the Tigers. I had heard about this show last year.  My friend Richard Wright told me it was a really good show, and he was right on.  It was very impressive.
A 1931 Model PA Plymouth sedan.  This car is a year older than the roadster I'm working on.  Unfortunately, this car had a small block Chevy engine and Mustang II independent front suspension -- very non-traditional.
I drove over in time to be there at opening time of 10:00 AM.  The parking lots were almost full.  I walked quickly, looking for early '30's Mopars and early hemi engines.  I found a few early Chrysler products and only one early hemi -- a 331 hemi out of a Chrysler.  It was in a 1936 Plymouth.  There were remarkably few traditional hot rods, although they had over 1,000 cars registered.  The vast majority of builders seem to lean toward small block Chevrolet engines and independent front suspensions.  A traditional rod will usually stick with the solid front axle suspension and will employ a souped up flathead Ford or early hemi V-8.
Nonetheless, it made for an enjoyable couple of hours.  I left before I roasted too badly.
This '56 Ford Sunliner was one of my favorite cars at the show.  The restoration was stunning!