Mar 1, 2008

Construction Continues

The Ebabe World Headquarters and Center of Excellence continues to rise, in spite of our best efforts. When I returned from Connecticut with Mary Ann, arriving on February 3rd, I noticed two seemingly contradictory facts -- the sheetrock was almost completely up, and there was no tag on the breaker box indicating that the rough-in electrical inspection had been completed. I called the county electrical inspector to inquire and was informed that he had not inspected the building yet.

I spoke to the so-called contractor in charge of the job, who informed me that I didn't know what I was talking about, that there was no need for an inspection. He was wrong; He no longer works for us. We had to tear down all the sheetrock and insulation. Some of the electrical installation that had already been done didn't meet the local code. We ended up with a local electrician who completed the job. The building has passed it's preliminary inspection. We are proceeding nicely.

This week, we finished the second sheet rock installation and the sheet rock finishers are almost done with their work. The trim carpenter will begin trimming out the building on Tuesday. Some windows are being replaced this week, and painting will begin on Thursday, we hope. Here's what the building looks like today:

In the meantime, I'm working full-time as a consultant for Humphreys and Associates, assigned to a job in Huntsville. It just can't get much better than that!

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