May 6, 2008

A Thing of Beauty

One of my current projects is the building of a street rod. In 1998, during my first Great Race experience, I had an overnight stop in Canton, Ohio. A gentleman came up after looking at my 1932 Plymouth coupe and told me he had a 1932 Plymouth sport roadster. "Would I be interested in it?" That led to two years of negotiation resulting in the purchase.

Peter Flowers and I brought it home on a trailer in 2001. Eventually, as I considered how to proceed with the car, I made several decisions:

  • I would make a street rod, rather than restore the car

  • I would use an old hemi V-8 as the power plant

  • I would use an independent front suspension and a modern differential

About three years ago I acquired the engine for the car, a 1953 Dodge 241 hemi that had originally resided in a Pennsylvania fire truck. It is restored and ready to be put into the car.

A few weeks ago I saw a magnificent 4-carburetor Weiand intake manifold with 4 Stromberg 97's available for purchase on eBay. It was built to go on a 241 hemi. After corresponding with the builder, I knew I had to get it to put on the car. It now resides in our garage. Is this gorgeous or what???

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