May 22, 2009

Musical Weekend...

In 1996, a gentleman named Steve Masterson started hosting a music event in his front yard.  He lived on top of a large hill near Hayden, Alabama.  The area on one side of his home formed a natural amphitheater.  He did what anyone who loves music would do -- built a stage and invited a lot of people to come and enjoy some music!

For the last thirteen years, Memorial Day weekend on Mr. Masterson's property has been known as the Acoustic Cafe.

I have had the pleasure of participating in this musical extravaganza for many years.  He has hosted some well-known performers over the years -- Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Sam Bush, the Redstick Ramblers, John Hartford, Dread Clampett, Vassar Clements, Norman Blake, Butch Baldassari, the list goes on.

This year's lineup will include Scott Ward, The Mayhem String Band, The Brickroom Boys, Dread Clampett, The Herb Trotman Band, Edgar Meyer and Mike Marshall, and the John Cowan Band.  One of the pleasant surprises every year is that Steve Masterson has "discovered" another incredibly good band or individual musician that we've never heard of.

It's one of Alabama's best-kept secrets!  Mary Ann and I will be there, along with several of our friends.  A little rain may dampen the proceedings, but we'll have our ponchos and umbrellas.  

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