Sep 10, 2009

B-I-I-G Congratulations Are in Order...

Our dear friend,
Dr. Sheila Kahrs, has been named the 2009-2010 MetLife/National Association of Secondary Schools Principals (NASSP) National Middle School Principal of the Year. This is a big deal. Think of the thousands of middle school principals against whom she had to compete. What a great honor! Congratulations, Sheila!

Here's what Sheila's School Superintendent, Dr. Ron Saunders, had to say: "I could not think of anyone more deserving for this national recognition that Dr. Sheila Kahrs. She is the perfect example of an administrator who cares for both students and faculty. Her expectations are always high and she expects the best of everyone. She is a strong professional who is not only competent but also caring. She will be an excellent representative of Haymon-Morris Middle School, Barrow County Schools, Georgia and the nation."

We couldn't agree more.

These pictures appeared in the Barrow County News:


Sarah said...

Yes! I am so proud of her!

Sue said...

What a lovely tribute!!! I am returning to the blogging world momentarily and am working on a similar post on moms award. Hope you are well. love, Sue