Nov 11, 2009

Weekend Festivities

This past Saturday we hosted a celebration of Ebabe's Gifts' 1-year anniversary. We had an outdoor concert by Microwave Dave (our good friend Dave Gallaher) and the Nukes (Rick Godfrey on bass and James Irvin on drums) playing in the gazebo. The weather was absolutely perfect! We had a good crowd considering it was a multi-football game weekend. The event was catered by the Gourmet Grillers from Fayetteville.

The parking lot filled up and the crowd spilled over onto the road and our driveway but it never became a problem. Some of our neighbors joined us and a number of Huntsville friends drove up to join the celebration -- Charlie and Brenda Stroud, Monty and Dinah Love, Tex and Theresa Longcor, Richard and Booty Leach, Pat Lewis, Nancy Woodall, and others.

We fed a real crowd, everybody raved about the music, and Mary Ann retained her sanity! The store was busy all day long. If you live nearby, think about us as a source for your favorite Christmas items.

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