Dec 19, 2010

The Dog House has Heat!

With the addition of the ceiling, we're able to heat the Tajmadog
Last week we had several days during which the morning low was around 15 degrees.  I felt sorry for Sheila and Goldie because I didn't yet have a ceiling in the Tajmadog so the wind howled through it even with the doors closed.  Well, that situation has ended.  Yesterday, Monty Love came up again and we installed R-19 insulation above the ceiling and then put up 1/2" plywood.  This closes in the building, even though I haven't quite finished insulating the walls and installing the wallboard.  I can do most of that myself, but I definitely needed help to get the ceiling up.  Goldie and Sheila approve.  And last night, I ran a small "dairy heater" and kept the dog house at about 60 degrees.  This is major progress...
Goldie is nearly as large as Sheila!

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