Aug 4, 2011

A Real American Hero...

Chip Ramsey, a few days ago, in Afghanistan (photo courtesy L. Dowling)
For several years, I worked with Chip Ramsey.  He was a hard working, competent fellow and a helluva nice guy.  He was also a member of the Army National Guard and a card-carrying patriot.  Some of you may remember that when Mary Ann and I participated in the 2006 Great Race, we carried an American Flag.  At every stop, we asked people to write notes of thanks to our service men and women on the fabric and to sign them.  We got hundreds of notes and signatures.  The flag was sent to a unit in Iraq where it was proudly flown in the war zone.  That was Chip Ramsey's idea and he made sure the flag made it to Iraq.  He was that kind of American.  He left last November for his second tour in Afghanistan, after having previously served in Iraq.

I heard today that on August 4th a sniper's bullet ended his too-brief life.  He was 41.  He leaves a widow, Mary, and two small children behind.  And our nation is much poorer for his passing.  Good bye, Chip.  We will miss you.  There are no words to express our gratitude for your sacrifice.  Rest in Peace, my friend.

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