May 30, 2012

Rest in Peace, Doc...

I have mentioned Doc Watson, the legendary flat-picking guitarist, many times in this blog.  I learned that he passed away yesterday.  It is always a sad event when we lose one of our most-admired artists and this is no exception.  I will miss seeing him next year at Merlefest, the music festival founded in 1990 to remember Doc's son Merle, killed in a tractor accident a few years previously.

The first time I saw Doc play in person was at a festival in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in the mid 1960s.  He was spectacular.  And he was notably humble.  Apparently at least one of the audience members was unaware of Doc's blindness.  During a question and answer session, he asked Doc if he could read music.  Doc's reply was typically down-to-earth -- "No, and I couldn't if I could!"

Doc, I among many millions of others, love you and will miss you.  Play well for The Master.

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