Jun 17, 2012

A Pretty Amazing Coincidence...

The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) holds regional meets all over the country.  This year, their Southeastern Regional was held in Shelbyville, Tennessee, which is only about 35 miles from home.  In addition, this was the site of the Grand National competition, held only in one location each year, in which only the most perfectly restored cars compete for prizes.  Mary Ann and I went up Friday for the Grand National and yesterday (Saturday) I joined Daniel and Deron Shady to return for a "Boys Day Out."

On Friday, the standards of restoration were beyond description.  Mary Ann's favorite car (She has elegant taste!) was this perfectly gorgeous Jaguar XK-120:

I have to admit that I was partial to a slightly older vehicle, this exquisite 1931 Chrysler Imperial long wheelbase roadster -- basically a 2-seat car on a 145" wheelbase:

Saturday morning, Deron and Daniel picked me up and we headed north again.  We spent quite a bit of time examining muscle cars and subsequently Model "A" Fords, since those are two areas in which Deron does a lot of his restoration business.  As we were having a conversation with a Model A owner whom Deron knew, I happened to look in the distance and thought I spotted a 1932 Plymouth.  Not only did it look like one, but it looked like a roadster!  Just like my current project car!  And it lacked side mount spares!  Just like mine!  And it appeared to be painted Merrimac Beige, just as mine had been originally delivered!!!

I started taking LOTS of pictures, including closeups of details that were unclear or missing on my car.  Soon a lady came over and said that her father, the owner, was sitting nearby.  I went over and introduced myself to Bill Sebastian, who has owned the car for about six years.  He is a delightful fellow, very congenial, and has even been following my Hot Rod Roadster Website!  He lives only a couple hours away, which may prove to be a Godsend if I failed to capture all the photographic information I need.  The remarkable thing is that there are only a handful of these cars left.  Nearly half are business roadsters which lack the rumble seat.  Probably half of the remaining cars have side mounted spare tires rather than rear mounted, and most are painted black or red.  This was really a wild coincidence.  I couldn't have been more amazed...

Daniel (left) and Deron (right) discuss the finer points of the restored "BrownieKar," a car designed for use by children, with its owner, Steve Heald of Sodus, New York.  This was Daniel's favorite car in the show.

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