Dec 3, 2012

Small World...

My humble 1932 Plymouth
In 1998 when I drove in the Great American Race for the first time, I borrowed the precision speedometer I needed to be competitive.  A few weeks before the rally I contacted the precision speedometer company to tell them to ship my instrument.  They advised me that they had forgotten about my order. the plant was being relocated, and all the parts for my speedometer were packed in boxes en-route to the new location.  I was devastated    Then I remembered that I had met a gentleman a few months earlier who had driven a 1927 Chrysler in an earlier Great Race.  His name was Robert Bentley, a Huntsville veterinarian.  I called him and he loaned me the much-needed instrument, saving the day.   

Last Sunday, I decided to drive my 1932 Plymouth down to Hazel Green, Alabama, to pick up lunch.  The car needs to be exercised every so often, and it was a perfect day.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I spotted a gorgeous 1941 Cadillac convertible sedan.

Dr. Bentley's beautiful 1941 Cadillac
I recognized it immediately as one of Bob Bentley's cars.  I parked next to it.  People coming into the restaurant must have thought there was a mini-convention.  Dr. Bentley and I had a nice chat and then went our separate ways.

What are the odds for such a chance encounter???

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