Jan 16, 2013

Outstanding Dinner!

Typical Pasta e Fagioli - A thick, chili-like soup
A couple of weeks ago, Mary Ann and I met for lunch in Huntsville at the Olive Garden.  We both had the soup and salad lunch special and she chose the Pasta e Fagioli (pasta and beans).  She commented on how delicious and hearty it was and that it might be fun to try at home.  Well, tonight was the night to try it and it was exceptional!

Mary Ann had gone onto the Internet and searched for the recipe.  There are many, many sites that claim to have duplicated various restaurants' best dishes, and this soup was no exception.  She finally decided to use the recipe on Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes Web site.  It was amazing in it's replication of the Olive Garden appetizer.  Mary Ann served it with warm fresh rolls and a small side salad.  Wonderful...

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