Jun 2, 2014

A Saturday Excursion...

Yesterday was the occasion of the 10th Annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival in Huntsville, AL.  It is held at Lowe Mill, a century-old cotton mill that houses the Flying Monkey Arts Center.  Several years ago I built a cigar box guitar and I have a long-standing interest in these unique instruments.

My banjo-building buddy, Clint Rankin, and his wife Sarah, had expressed an interest in the event and we agreed to meet there.  As I stepped out of my truck, I spotted an amazing array of food trucks.

I passed through "Food Truck Alley" and met up with the Rankins near the stage, which is set up on the sheltered loading dock of the old mill.
The stage area on the old loading dock
We listened for a while and then went into the air conditioned mill to dine at the "Happy Tummy."  Then we wandered through the cavernous building which is now a haven for dozens of art galleries, artists, craft shops, and other creative outlets.  We proceeded to the second floor, where there was to be a guitar-building workshop.  The next workshop was scheduled for 4:00 PM and it was only 2:00.  We continued to wander.  The sights were quite varied.

One of the big surprises for me was the number of vendors selling cigar box guitars.

By about 4:00 PM, it was just plain hot.  The Rankins and I bid adieu and headed home, after a delightful afternoon. 

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