Jul 20, 2014

The Joys of Travel...

Friday night, returning from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Huntsville was an adventure.  My 6:00 PM departure flight from Corpus to Dallas was delayed 2 hours.  I had noticed a scheduled 7:30 flight, so I asked if it might be possible to get a seat on that flight.  I got the last available seat and my bag was transferred to that flight at my request.

The 7:30 flight departed around 8:00 PM and at that time, the plane that would eventually service the "earlier" flight had not yet left Dallas to go to Corpus Christi.  My new flight got into DFW at about 9:26.  I was sure I had missed my 9:30 connecting flight from Dallas to Huntsville.  Nonetheless, I proceeded to my departure gate (naturally, in a different terminal.  I arrived at that gate to find people boarding the plane.  I got in line.  Halleluia!  I might yet get home!

When I gave the attendant my boarding pass, she notified me that I had already been rescheduled for a morning flight because the airline assumed that I could not make my connection.  She was, however, able to give me a window seat with no one next to me.  We sat in a very hot airplane for an hour waiting for a flight crew to arrive.  Finally got off the ground an hour and a half late.  Got to bed about 2:00 AM.  Whatever happened to clean, on-time, efficient train service?

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