Mar 11, 2016

Perhaps, the New Ultimate Food...

I've been working in Texas this week.  More precisely, Corpus Christi.  I usually go out for lunch when I'm here.  Previously, I've written entries about La Palma, a little Tex-Mex restaurant that is one of my favorites.  But yesterday I accompanied three of our young employees to a place called Scuttlebutt's, that is located on Padre Island, only a few miles from our office.  One of the specialties of the house is the Elvis Burger.  Imagine a half-pound hamburger embellished with bacon, bacon marmalade, honey, caramelized bananas, cheddar cheese, and peanut butter, on a sourdough bun.  I tried it, to be one of the boys (along with Luis Hernandez, Daniel Mendez, and Hunter Morgan), but with a healthy (unhealthy?) dose of trepidation.  It was one of the most wonderful burgers I've ever eaten!  Definitely five stars!

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