Jun 6, 2009

Moving Day!!!

The '32 Roadster
After only ten years of waiting, the 1932 Plymouth roadster went to the shop today. It will begin the conversion to a V-8 Hemi-powered streetrod. The engine and transmission are ready to go, but we have a lot of work to do to get the body and chassis ready.

My friend Monty Love came up early today and helped load the car onto the trailer. Then he and I rode to Dan and Deron Shady's shop where most of the work will be done. Monty drove my truck and trailer back while I drove my '32 Plymouth coupe, which had been at Deron's. I couldn't have done this without Monty, who is recovering from neck surgery. What a champ!
The Other '32 Plymouth -- "Winston"
The roadster currently has a 1951 Plymouth 6-cylinder engine and a transmission of unknown origin. Deron Shady will start yanking these out on Monday. I can already hear the glass packs...

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