Aug 10, 2009

Another New Experience...

I took vacation on Friday and made a mad dash for Louisville (pronounced "Loo-vull") to witness over 11,000 street rods in one location - the National Street Rod Association national convention, or more commonly, the "NSRA Nationals." Fortunately, I found a motel room at the last moment, since I didn't decide to go until last Monday. So Friday morning I drove up Interstate 65, arriving at the Kentucky Fairgrounds and Exposition Center around 1:00 PM.

Parking was available not far from the main gate. I put on plenty of sun screen and headed in with camera in hand. It's more than I can describe. I was on kind of a mission:
  • Get ideas for the car I'm building -- got lots of ideas; took lots of pictures,
  • Look for 1932 Plymouths -- I found a total of only 5, none of them roadsters, and
  • Look for 241 Hemi engines -- I found none!

Conclusion; My 1932 Plymouth with a 241 Hemi will be one of a kind.

When I checked into the motel, I was shocked to see a yellow '32 Plymouth coupe in the parking lot. I did get a chance to meet the owner and have a long conversation about his car, which was powered by a 400 cubic inch Hemi. He has driven it all over the country for many years, but it looked pristine.

Saturday morning, I returned to the fairgrounds for another session. I did get the opportunity to speak with the owner of one of the Model PB Plymouths that I had spotted on Friday. It was a more traditional, full-fendered 2-door sedan, beautifully executed in a deep ruby red metallic. Sweet!

By around 12:00, I was done in, suffering from sensory overload. You had to see it to believe it.

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