Jul 24, 2010

A Gathering of Plymouth Fans...

Dan and Dennis discuss a fine point of restoration.
On Saturday I went to Dan and Deron's shop to meet three visitors with a common interest - Plymouth cars of the early 1930s.  Patrick Dolan, a fellow from Indiana, had acquired a 1932 Plymouth roadster similar to mine.  He and I met through the forum site of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA).  Over a period of several months we realized that we share many common challenges in restoring one of these cars.  Patrick and two colleagues, Dennis Williams and Don Feeney, both from Ohio, decided to come south.  We all met at the Shady's shop on Saturday morning.
As usual, the Shadys were most gracious and eager to share their collective knowledge of early automobile construction.  After several hours of discussion on the finer points of body construction, and specialized tools and techniques, the visitors and I headed out for lunch, after which we came up to the house to see my '32 coupe.  They left with a few parts they needed and a whole lot of knowledge.
Patrick and Dennis on left, Don in foreground observe Deron and Dan in
discussion of the roadster rumble seat lid construction

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