Oct 14, 2011

Another '32 Plymouth...

Jim Brackbill with his "new" finer 1932 Plymouth Model PB sedan

When I bought my 1932 Plymouth roadster in 1999, part of the deal was that I would acquire a 1932 sedan parts car and remove it along with the roadster.  I brought the car to Huntsville and placed it in dry storage.  I debated what to do with the sedan, which was far too deteriorated to be worth restoring.  The most likely scenario was to eventually build a boattail speedster using parts from the sedan and hand crafting a boattail body.  I even had corresponded with a gentleman on the west coast about doing an overhead valve conversion to the Plymouth 4-cylinder engine.  This fellow has gone over 120 miles per hour driving such a vehicle.

Then one day, I ran across a fellow on the Jalopy Journal Web site who had acquired a 1932 Plymouth coupe body and needed a usable chassis.  It was a perfect use for the sedan.  We corresponded, struck a deal, and he sent payment, sight unseen (I had sent lots of photographs).  This week, Jim Brackbill drove down from Pennsylvania, towing an empty trailer, to pick up the car.

As with all such adventures, there were a couple hiccups.  His trailer needed a few repairs after the bouncy trip so we took it to Russell Welding for the needed repairs.  Mr. Bud Jolly was highly recommended by Dan Shady and he did a beautiful job of repairing the trailer.  When Jim and I arrived at the warehouse, the car was barely visible behind a mountain of stored flooring materials!  Fortunately, Jim knew how to drive the forklift that was available and we soon had the car out of its long storage and on the trailer.

I called him up yesterday and was glad to hear that he and the car made it safely to PA.  Now I can't wait to get progress reports on the new "build."

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