Oct 24, 2011

Village of Providence Car Show

Monty's car on left parked next to Winston, my 1932 Plymouth
Winston and I went to a Sunday car show at the Village of Providence, a small commercial and residential district on the West end of Huntsville.  I met Monty Love in his 1950 Chevrolet sedan delivery and we drove to the show together and parked in adjacent spots.  The hosts were raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and, judging by the crowd, they succeeded.  We represented one of the oldest cars in attendance, although there were a couple of modern reproduction '32 Fords with big V-8's in them.  I did see a 1924 Studebaker sedan and a couple of Model T hot rods.  Bottom line was that there were LOTS of muscle cars.  And somebody forgot to tell some folks to keep their stereos turned down.  At one point it sounded like a woofer competition.
A 1952 Pontiac with a period-correct restored teardrop trailer - Very Nice!
We saw Fred Scarborough, who was exhibiting his beautiful Jaguar convertible, with his wife Carolyn and daughter Caitlyn, also Clint Rankin and his lovely bride Sarah celebrating their one-year anniversary.  Oh, by the way, we won a door prize -- a $20 gift certificate to the Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant.  The weather was delightful for a Sunday outing and Winston made it home.  What more could I ask?

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